Wordfeed International Networks (WIN) God’s platform for bringing his beauty and glory to reality into the Earth. We are committed to helping men and women become the very best that God has destined them to be through the instrumentality of God’s Word. WIN is also spearheading the breeding of a new generation of Christian leaders who will take over every spheres of influence in the world. WIN was conceived by Pastor Cole Adegoke Daniel as a platform to fulfilling God’s mandate for his life, which is to “Beautify the world with the glory of God” in the year 2011


  • Daily WIN word set the position the believer in a WIN environment for each day
  • We also give youth JOBS: employ them with good remuneration package and at the same time train them in the process to be addicted to kingdom advancement endeavor
  • WIN Training and Skill acquisition: Aimed at training believers in professional careers of their choice thereby empowering them to be financially dependent and self employed. All expenses paid by WIN
  • WIN also produces anointing Oil with the same biblical composition unrevealed to Moses

Pastor Cole is currently serving as a full-time Pastor in Living Faith Church (a.k.a Winner’s Chapel) under the leadership of his mentor, Bishop David Oyedepo, the President/Founder of Living Faith Church World Wide. He is a seasoned teacher of the Word and a mentor to both old and young